RDS Services
  • Special Event Impact and ROI Study Special Event Economic Impact

    Learn the total Economic Impact of your event. Consumers' direct expenditures and business' investments have stimulative effects on economic activity. Their spending not only accelerates personal income, employment, and government revenue in the community, but also increases economic activity in existing business and supports new business formations.  Ultimately, our assignment is to quantify a measure of the return on investment (R.O.I.) for the dollars spent.

  • Targeting Opportunity Markets Targeting of Opportunity Markets

    RDS has developed innovative in-depth looks at our clients' feeder markets to identify opportunity gaps and areas offering promise for marketing efforts. The objective of the research effort is to provide intense data-based micro market targeting for messages and promotions, as well as to identify market niches that are likely to yield the highest return on investment.

  • Brand Positioning Studies Brand Positioning Studies

    Research Data Services has helped hundreds of clients uncover high impact brand and market positions. We begin each brand positioning engagement by learning each clients' current brand landscape, market segmentation information, competitive landscape, and consumer perceptions of the market. We employ unique qualitative and quantitative methods to help our clients to better understand their consumers' needs, to conceptualize highly differentiated advertising themes, to refine market messaging, and to optimize target segmentation.

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies Consumer Satisfaction Studies

    How do your customers feel about doing business with you? Do you know why they decided to work with you and whether or not they would do so in the future? RDS helps their clients answer these questions. As experts in sampling, survey design and implementation, and quantitative and qualitative research our studies include the right audience and dig deep to understand not only consumer attitudes but the reasons why they feel that way. For years, RDS has provided actionable insights to clients to improve their relationship with their lifeblood: the consumer.

  • In-Depth Qualitative Research In-Depth Qualitative Research

    Focus groups are an environment in which exploratory research is used to explore group dynamics and individuals' interactions to obtain creative input and explore key motivations at work among consumers.